Area Council Directory

Area Co-Commissioner
Evelyn Parfitt
Deputy Commissioner Mavis Bedford
Deputy Commissioner Theresa Porter
Secretary Nancy Penney
Treasurer Cathy Graham
Camp Contact Advisor Shirley Osterman-MacAlpine
Area Summer Camp Chairwoman Heather Pearce 
International Contact Advisor Danielle Jamieson
Link Advisor Laura Leitch
Membership Advisor  
Product Marketing Contact Advisor Sue Lozon
Program & Sr. Branches Contact Advisor Mary Anne Burdett
Active Living Contact Advisor    
Public Relations Contact Advisor Corinne Muston
Training Contact Advisor Janette Newcombe
Training Deputy Advisor Joan Cavers
Arts Contact Advisor Elizabeth Fenton
Area Day Chair Anne Jenkins  
Trefoil Guild Advisor Muriel Janules
Girl Protection & Special Needs Advisor Ingrid Barnes
Web Master Vicki Lynn Rigsby
Trillium Trails Editor Johanna Veilleux Trommelen
Archives Bev Simpson  
Awards Committee Chair Caroline Ngui
Anderson Division Co-Commissioner - (C) Jill Zubick
Anderson Division Co-Commissioner Barbara Brown
Chapman Division Commissioner Sue Arnold
Essex Division Co-Commissioner Kathi Poupard
Great Blue Heron Division Co-Commissioner (C) Carmen Uffen
Great Blue Heron Division Co-Commissioner Charlene Marlow
Harris Division Co-Commissioner Irene Biscaro
Harris Division Co-Commissioner Maddy Pauschenwein
Kanata Division Commissioner Cathy Downs
Kent Division Co-Commissioner Kathy Bedford
Kent Division Co-Commissioner Jennifer Schihl
Lakeshore Division Commissioner Sharon Fogg
McHale Division Commissioner Jenna Pfau
Norlon Division Co-Commissioner - (C) Carol Harvey
Norlon Division Co-Commissioner Shelly MacLean
Webster Division Commissioner Barb Wells

OfficeAddressPhone/ FaxEMail
Girl Guides of Canada
Trillium Area
Linda MacDonald
392 Park Ave. E
Suite 107
Chatham, ON.
N7M 5Y5
(P)- (519) 352-1110
(F)- (519) 352-7047
Girl Guides of Canada
Units 104 & 105
Harriet Kellestine
4096 Meadowbrook Dr.
London, ON.
N6L 1G4
(O)- (519) 652-3563
(F)- (519) 652-5978
(S)- (519) 652-3561
Girl Guides of Canada
Karen Culligan
Karen Ferguson
1121 Wellington St.
Sarnia, ON.
N7S 6J7
(P)- (519) 344-9431
(F)- (519) 344-7958
Girl Guides of Canada
Cheryl Emerson
5760 Malden Rd.
LaSalle, ON.
N9H 1S2
(P)- (519) 969-8222
(S)- (519) 969-7652
(F)- (519) 969-9609
Girl Guides of Canada
Ontario Council
14 Birch Ave.
Toronto, ON.
(P)- (416) 920-6666
(F)- (416) 920-1440

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