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  • Plan a joint campaign with other Units in your District.

  • Put ads in community newspapers.

  • Motivate parents by telling them where the funds go and encourage them to take them to work.

  • Set a Unit goal and plan a celebration, such as a party, when the goal has been reached.

  • Advertise on the local cable station.

  • Put posters up at local stores a couple of weeks before Your "Cookie Day" with the date of the sale.

  • Plan and advertise a "Cookie Day" (be at the malls, offer a cookie drive thru, do a blitz of the community, etc.)


    By selling cookies girls learn to:

  • Manage money

  • Use communications and public speaking skills.

  • Develop self-confidence.

  • Handle success and rejection.

  • Understand their community.

  • How to give service.


  • Involving parents in cookie sales helps give them a sense of partnership in the Unit activities.

  • Let them know where the money from the cookie sales goes.

  • Parents of younger girls usually like to get involved in the sale if they are asked. Let them know what they can do to help make sales successful.

  • It is important that parents understand deadlines for placing orders and returning the money from cookie sales.

  • Information on paper is too easy to ignore or discard. Registration night is always an excellent time to explain the benefits of selling cookies.

  • Consider holding a brief meeting with the parents early in the Fall and Spring after the Girls have done their goal setting and before the campaigns start. this will give the parents the opportunity to ask questions. This will also allow you opportunity to make the parent have the correct information.


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