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Guiding isn't just for the young, it is also for the young at heart. Women who are over thirty years old, who are currently members of Guiding and who no longer wish to make a weekly commitment to Unit meetings; currently registered in an Administrative capacity; or were once leaders or girl members are welcome to join the Trefoil Guild, Friendship, Fun, Adventure, Challenge, and Opportunities are enjoyed by the members of the Trefoil Guild!

They travel all over the globe, to the World Centres in England, Switzerland, India and Mexico sharing new experiences with new friends. They maintain historical archives so that future members can see how Guiding used to be and how it has changed. Many Trainers at District, Division and Area Trainings are Trefoil Guild members covering topics including drama, singing, camping, and crafts. When possible, they provide support within their own communities.

Trefoil Guild members are a vital resource in the Guiding community. Guild Members share their Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Talents with the other Guiding members within the Organization from the youngest Spark, to the experienced leader. They give Encouragement, Guidance and Support,as a Guild member you don't have to be currently active in Guiding, although many are.

It is through the Trefoil Guild's, Enthusiasm, Fellowship, and Commitment they are "Keeping the Spirit Alive" for the Sisterhood of Guiding.

Area Trefoil Guild Advisor

Muriel Janules - London


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Contact the nearest Trefoil Guild to you and take advantage of our many, many skills.

Trefoil Guild Gathering 2007 - New Brunswick Council invites Trefoil Guilds of Canada to a


The National Trefoil Guild Gathering to be held in Fredericton, NB

JUNE 13TH TO THE 18TH, 2007


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