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DateNameEmailComments Hi, nice site! Really amazing! Keep working. I enjoyed me visit...
2007-02-20Rhonda Your site is great! Found what I was looking for Thanks
2007-02-20Meaganmg@hotmail.comThis is a wonderful guide site. It has been very useful to me as a guider. when I use this site I spend less time preparing for unit meetings Many Thanks
2007-02-20Alycebob847@aol.comIt is healthy, I shall come on your site more often, thank.
2007-02-19Hannah Hey, Girl Guides is awesome! I found all the info that I needed on this site. Keep up the good work! :)
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2007-01-26Mariacunnfuzzeled@yahoo.comReally loved this site!!
2007-01-07Mary Fmarf@hotmail.comThis is a great resource, I just love it! My daughter loves the puzzles and the games on the bulletin board page
2007-01-03Biedermanndmyeah@huxley.comI appreciated your site and creations very much, great job!
2006-12-31zyprexazip@gmail.comThanks! Good work. See U. Happy New Year!
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2006-12-22Vervvver@vver.comVery good site
2006-12-21Stacy Merry Christmas from Corunna District, Harris Division! day! Congratulations on a great web site....))
2006-12-20Pananntoandrey@katalog.puls.kzHey People! This is very nice site!!! Forever Rules!
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2006-12-18sestra Hi all! great site!
2006-12-17FrMikeAdmiumndplu@utaa.comAs so many others in this guestbook have said: This is a really nice page!
2006-12-17Stephaniestf@hotmail.comI really like this Guiding site, best I have been to. There is so much to do on it and to take away, your program page is GREAT!!!!! I will return often. I hope this site does not disappear with transition like so many things are going to.
2006-12-17mesotheliomawertel@nurn.dePerfect work. I wish my page was so simple and informative.
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2006-12-11Veranstaltungenuxrclinical@dpent.comI was just surfing the web to see what others have done. I thought yours was cool so I figured I\'d sign your guestbook and let you know.
2006-12-09Smithqafa@ertol.comVery interesting site, beautiful design, thanks.
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2006-12-09Marxqadu@ertyp.comHello admin, nice site! The world does need your site!!!
2006-12-05Robin Qdo not have oneThis is a GREAT site, best I have been to for a while, it definetly gets a book mark, you not only keep up with program but it is an active site for the girls as well and lots of program ideas and themes on your training calendar. More Guiders should visit this site and sign the guest book if they do, I wish I had my own computer so I could view this site weekly. Thanks for your great work Trillium Area
2006-10-13Serj Olivakllogin@cashette.comYou have a great site!
2006-10-12Neoqare@ertul.comVery fine website and also very helpful ! Thank you for this service.
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2006-09-29Joycejoyes@mnsi.netI look at this site all the time, for anything and everything new in Guiding. Keep up the good work.
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2006-08-08Diane Kaydi-kay@hotmail.comI look at your site regularly to keep up to date with guiding in your area. It\'s a link to friends made in 2003 when we came over from England and camped at Pelee. Great site!
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2006-08-01Kris Pryke Now in Kitchener Division but \"grew Guiding\" in London - NorLON Division. Glad to see the new crest!!!
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2006-05-13AnnaMaria Ihockey_chickie_777@hotmail.comHello Trillium Area Members. I would like to say greetings from the White Oaks Area. Your site is amazingly well done. I found a lot of neat stuff out for my Unit and our upcoming unit meeting Tuesday. You Rock!!
2006-05-13Mollymollyjhg@yahoo.comVery good site! I like it! Thanks!
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2006-05-08Fesagfbv@bhyft.comJust whant to say HI! I love this place!
2006-05-07Mary Ann Mertenstomarymertz@yahoo.caVicky Lynn you always work hard to bring the best to this web and we appreciate your work. Mary AnnMertens Essex Division Co-Commissioner
2006-05-07Lindalindalu@saddsah.comVery good site! I like it! Thanks!
2006-04-22mishanyamisha22@gmail.comH1! Nice site, looks great! Well job you done, thanks... =)
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2006-04-04Genagana-12@gmail.comWow, nice site :) Really interesting site, thank my friends, have advised. Success !!
2006-03-29Connie Jaquesmcs.jaques@sbcglobal.netMy daughter was a Girl Guide in Canada (Brownie and Spark)and has continued on with Girl Scouts in Oklahoma. I am checking your website to see when your cookie sales are.
2006-03-23barbara watts I am from Calgary Area. I love coming to your site you have some great ideas I and you really seem to show appreciation for your Leaders. You display the Guiding spirit!
2006-03-22Claire from Poole Dorset(UK).Brillant web site. Keep up the good work, could\'nt resist signing you Guest Book.
2006-03-22nicole gowgown@sympatico.cagreat site
2006-03-21Marian Kelchmarian.kelch@gmail.comWhoohoo for Trillium...cutting edge links to our 4 Guide Offices!! Vicki-Lynn, you are amazing!!! :D
2006-03-18Mary Ann Mertenstomarymertz@yahoo.caVicky Lynn we can always count on you for your help. What a great job you have done with Trillium Area web.Thanks, nice site.
2006-03-15Annettebadgers2@surfaid.orgLoved the site. I\'m a guider from Norfolk, England. Anyone like to swap badges?
2006-03-09Jeanette Ashj.c.ash@ntlworld.comBringing some guides aged 13 -16 from Lincoln, UK to Ontario in October 2006. Looking for ideas and camping indoors somewhere. hope this site will help
2006-03-08EdwardEdward@gmail.comJust found your home page its great, it looks like you folks do great service keep up the good work.
2006-03-08Dana K so kool...can you put challenges that we can put toward a badge (NOT A CREST) on it? that would be awsome!
2006-03-08Sally Smithsally.smith@servicecanada.gc.caAs a previous member of Trillium Area, I wanted to view your web page, and say hello. Sorry to hear about losing a valued sister in the guiding movement - Wendy Schihl I am District Commissioner, Sackville, NB Tantramarsh Area
2006-03-02Jennybnm@yahoo.comevery great site thanks i love you good luck
2006-02-28Melissa Resourceful site! Brownie Leader in St. John\'s, NL and loved the song \"I can\'t wait to be a Guide\" we are going to use it for our Butterfly Advancement in the spring. I was especially excited when I noticed it was written by a leader I had when I was a Guide in Marystown! Thanks for offering such a great site!
2006-02-26Elmades@yahoo.comnice site
2006-02-22Anita Jarvisanitaj79@hotmail.comI have just found your site...My Brownie pack [uk] used to write to 1st. Appin Harriet Kellestine, but suddenly she stopped writing or exchanging e-mails...we wondered if you can help us find out what happened to her.thanks
2006-02-18billbill88@yahoo.comMy name is Bill and you have good site.Thank you.Best regards. Bill Smith.
2006-02-18creative webdesignxydasl@xmail.orgcreative webdesign
2006-02-16Mokilkoli@kol.comGood site!
2006-02-15Janice Shepherd (snowy owl)janice.shepherd@btinternet.comGreat site, hope you dont mind but Im using your photos of uniforms for our thinking day celebration here in Scotland. Its the first time my brownies have done thinking day we only opened last October. Have a good year Janice
2006-02-04Martamarta2002@gmail.comWow, very interesting site, good information, design not bad, webmaster - respect and success !!
2006-02-03Bonnie Yaciukzeta1@sympatico.caGood website. Check out our new Camp Bryerswood web page at
2006-02-01Natalynataly553@yahoo.comNice site, cool design, webmaster - respect !
2006-01-31Martamarta12@yahoo.comCool site, webmaster - respect :)
2006-01-28LizzyLizzy@gmail.comHello there! Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Usefull information and all is good arranged. Thank you for your work. I will visit your site more ofter from now and I bookmarked it.
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2006-01-22Changachudo@ostrov.zwNice site.
2006-01-10Alyssabrownies2pville@hotmail.comI\'m a Brownie leader in BC. Nice site.
2006-01-02Doris Tutt Thanks for continuing to update this site Vicki Lynn. It is a great one. Happy New Year!
2005-12-24Semen Zahariaz-semen@gmail.comVery interesting site, cool design and content, webmaster - respect ! See too my site :)
2005-12-18Lorrie Cool Website!! Very colourful. I\'m from Hills Region NSW, Australia. Check out my district\'s website at:
2005-12-13Brenda Flatley Thank you for doing such a great job!!
2005-11-23Ann Maire Vachon Even though I\'ve become a member of Mapleway Area, I still check out the best website ever from my old Trillium Area. Great job ladies!
2005-11-11Johann Leader from Mid North Coast, NSW Australia. Great site. Keep up the good work.
2005-11-08kimberly jamoiesonfinallyamommy@msn.comjust wanted to know if there is a place that shows the sparks badgesthanks
2005-11-04Maruanimaruani9@msn.comCool, to webmaster - respect :)
2005-11-02Vertigovertigo1@gmail.comVery nice site, cool design, thank.
2005-11-02Martin Fixerm-fixer@yahoo.comGood site, interesting content, cool design.
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2005-10-25Maria Nuglesmaria77@gmail.comAt you the excellent site, a lot of useful info and good design, thank.
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2005-10-24ezeezeworld2000@yahoo.comoh what a lovely site like this please keep up the good work
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2005-10-12Bunny Cherniwchanbunny@nycap.rr.comLast year I was searching through the Girl Guide stuff on line and I found Hooded Ponchos for kids and Adults and now I can\'t remember where I found them, If some one out there has any idea please e-mail me at I am a leader in Clifton Park NY. A friend of mine back home in BC made ponchos for my kids, so that they could display all thier American, Canadian & Fun patches from Brownies, Webelo\'s & Boy Scouts. Everyone here thinks they are the greatest so if I can find them I\'m sure I could make a few people here happy. Thanx! Bunny.
2005-09-20Lorie Ranierilorie.ranieri@sympatico.caThanks for the rivercrossing information.
2005-09-19Jeanette Ashj.c.ash@ntlworld.comFrom Lincoln, England looking for a campsite to bring 10 guides aged 13 - 16 in late October 2006. It needs to have all facilities and be accessable by public transport.
2005-09-12maryellen merkleymemerkley@sympatico.caThis site is awsome .......Im a new leader in my local area and this site is awsome to check out!Thanks!
2005-09-10lisa carterlisa@jailbirddesigns.comHello everyone! This is my 3rd year as a spark leader for the 1st Lucan Sparks. I am searching for great craft ideas for sparks and looking forward to another year of FUN!
2005-09-03Margaret Mathewsjrpattkd@aol.comI am a member to the Trefoil Guild Talbot Division, Niagara Area. Just looking around for some information for my great neice to carring on the great tradition of Guiding. Hopefully for many years to come. Margaret.
2005-09-02Della Sipkens Wyoming District
2005-08-18Denise! I am Denise Goh, a 10 year old Brownie, and I come from Singapore! I\'m currently looking for a 10 year old Brownie penpal as I have a Module called Making Friends From Other Countries. My Brownie teacher is Miss MAbel Ong and my best brownie friend is Sherilyn Lee. Please, be my penpal!!!
2005-08-13Jill Zubickandersondivisioncommissioner @yahoo.caExcellent site!! Thanks
2005-07-08Carolyn Rusnakjcrusnak@sympatico.caVery interesting site. Looking into it for my 5 year old, as I was a spark,brownie,guide when I was younger
2005-07-01Denis Devos Hi Vicki-Lynn: Michelle was just showing me this website. I must say, I\'m very impressed! Keep up the good work! Cheers!
2005-06-09Marilyn St. Johnmand jstjohn @sympatico.caThank you for all the wonderful work you do with the girls in this area . The girls life has been widened greatly by their experiences with Guides.
2005-05-26Sue Arnoldsuearnold@mycybernet.netAwesome site Vicki Lynn! This has to be the most up to date Guiding site there is!
2005-05-25Michelle Devosmichelledevos@sympatico.caI missed the Guest Book! I still find something new everytime I visit.
2005-05-23Wendy Johnsonwendijohnson@sympatico.caThis is totally awesome. Very interesting and always being updated. Great Job!!!
2005-05-17beehive@email.combeehive@email.comGood site ....good graphics Hands across the waters ...from england
2005-05-15ruth hicksrhicks@mnsi.netwell-site organized, colorful site
2005-05-14Pam Valtersrolfv@rogers.comGreat site. First I go to for ideas.
2005-05-13Mary Henry Always interesting to visit this site.
2005-05-13Johanna Veilleux-Trommlenveilleux1508@rogers.comAlways a joy to visit this site, lots to do and information. Keep up the good work Vicky Lynne
2005-05-12Mary Anne Burdettfuzzyhair@sympatico.caStill the best site ever.
2005-05-12Doris Tuttdoristutt@sympatico.caOh, I've missed the Area web-site. I'm so glad it's up and running again. Thanks for a great job Vicki-Lynn

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